We are using Tridion 2011 SP1 and have a DD4T website hosted under a single site in IIS as a subdirectory to cut cost. Due to the subdirectory we have to specify Publication URL '/xyz' in the Publication property.

Once we publish from tridion the URL for the page is having 'xyz' - the subdirectory twice The page is inaccessible on the single 'xyz'. I have checked the db and there the URL is correct with one 'xyz' i.e. '/xyz/page_name'. I believe the other 'xyz' is coming via the website setup in IIS(//server_name/subdirectory/).

Please let me know how can we have the website URL with single 'xyz' in the same setup of virtual directory.

I would also like to highlight that another non-DD4T website with a similar setup in IIS is having a single subdirectory in it's URL where the URL in the db is showing with one subdirectory like the DD4T website.

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ASP.NET MVC disregards the ApplicationPath in the URL (so in your case '/xyz'). This means that the pages should end up in the broker database without this string. If your page is stored with the url '/xyz/pagename.extension', this is incorrect!

To correct this, simply set the value of the Publication URL property to an empty string. The Publication Path property is ignored altogether, since that is only used when a page is stored on the file system (which shouldn't be the case with a DD4T implementation).

  • Thanks!! But if I remove the Publication URL, then none of the component links are getting resolved. The URL is coming as //server_name/page_name/ after removing instead of //server_name/subdirectory/page_name.
    – user734
    Commented Nov 26, 2013 at 13:28
  • Could you post that as a separate question please? I have a solution for this as well, but I don't want to mix it in with my other answer.
    – Quirijn
    Commented Nov 26, 2013 at 13:34

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