I've installed the context engine into my SDL Tridion 2013 GA content delivery website. I'm not quite sure where I got the installation from as I can't find it online (i must have found it somewhere!), I see from the database properties file i'm running the following version:

HSQL Database Engine 2.2.8
Wed Oct 30 08:08:18 PKT 2013

My problem is that i'm only seeing the following created claims:

taf:claim:context:browser:model = Chrome
taf:claim:context:browser:version = 31
taf:claim:context:device:model = Other
taf:claim:context:os:model = Windows 7

I was expecting a larger amount of information to be created such as pixel density, viewport size etc.

I'm suspecting this is because i'm using an early version and need to perform a re-install, but I was wondering if there are some conditions in which claims can not be created?


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The problem was that the 'Repository' folder which contains the CE database was located within the /Bin/Lib folder and not directly under the /Bin folder. Moving this folder up a directory has resolved the issue.


I see 27 claims from the Context Engine.

It will always create the claims, even when it cannot determine their value (that's what the Default values are for).

My guess: you're not reading the right data.

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