How can I get the next Workflow activity after I have gotten the processdefinition for the current instance id using the Core Service?

Below is the code which I have already:

ActivityInstanceData currentActivity = 
    (ActivityInstanceData)client.Read("tcm:222-122108-131104", null);
ActivityDefinitionData activitydefinition = 
    (ActivityDefinitionData)client.Read(currentActivity.ActivityDefinition.IdRef, null);

ProcessDefinitionData processdefinition = 
    (ProcessDefinitionData)client.Read(activitydefinition.ProcessDefinition.IdRef, null);

There's a few ways for this, but it depends on what exactly you intend to do. If you finish the current activity with CoreServiceClient.FinishActivity(ActivityInstance.Id, finishData, null); this method will return an Activity Instance Data object that represents the next Activity Instance, or null if this is the last activity.

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