I am publishing everything to the Broker database, including images. How do I resolve the images from the Broker database using DD4T?

I found a nice example of resolving images from the filesystem here, but this is not what I am looking for.

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The next release of DD4T (1.26) includes a new DLL called DD4T.Web written by Quirijn Slings which contains a BinaryDistributionModule class and a BinaryFileManager class that are going to handle both Binaries in the database and on the filesystem.

If you need to do this in a DD4T 1.25 project: here's the relevant portion of the BinaryFileManager class which tries to get a binary from the database:

 // the normal situation (where a binary is still in Tridion and it is present on the file system already and it is up to date) is now covered
 // Let's handle the exception situations. 
 IBinary binary = null;
     BinaryFactory.TryFindBinary(urlPath, out binary);
 catch (BinaryNotFoundException)
     LoggerService.Debug("Binary with url {0} not found", urlPath);
     // binary does not exist in Tridion, it should be removed from the local file system too
     if (File.Exists(physicalPath))
     return false;

  return WriteBinaryToFile(binary, physicalPath, dimensions);

Take a look at the full BinaryFileManager and BinaryDistributionModule classes for more detail.


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