I have progressed with the event code and I am gaining confidence in it. Now I am stuck with below.

I am able to read the component(if condition is working fine, the logs shows that it enters in the if code) with the following code:

if ((compPresentationCurrent.Component.Content["Thumbnail"] != null) &&
   (compPresentationCurrent.Component.Content["Thumbnail"].Attributes[3].Value != string.Empty))
    //The below two lines is throwing error as i do not know how to get the multimedia image
    // attached to this component. 
    // I tried to convert to string and again to object but in vain
    object objComponent = (object)compPresentationCurrent.Component
    Component tempComp = (Component)objComponent;

But I want to read the multimedia component attached to that component, So my component compPresentationCurrent.Component.Content["Thumbnail"] has a image which is multimedia component and I want to read the image path and the image size and for the same. In tridion 2009 event code I did it like below:

//compCurrent is a type of Component, and is the main component which holds
//various multimedia components(i.e. images).
if ((compCurrent.Fields["thumbnail"] != null) &&
   (compCurrent.Fields["thumbnail"].value.Count > 0))
    Component component3 = (Component)compCurrent.Fields["thumbnail"].value[1];
    string strthumbnailimagepath  = publication.MultimediaURL + "/" + 

But in new event code it is throwing error.

Can anyone suggest how to do that. Also I am looking for TOm.NET API Documentation, I searched on google and got this link https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10585437/sdl-tridion-tom-net-documentation but no lucks as it is not showing the exact methods and ways to do in event code. Is there any .chm file as it was in TOM API?

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You're reading the fields in a very TOM-ish way... in 2011+ you should use something along these lines:

ItemFields fields = new ItemFields(component.Content, component.Schema);
ComponentLinkField linkField = (ComponentLinkField) fields["thumbnail"];
Component thumbnailComponent = linkField.Value; //(or linkField.Values[0]

Keep in mind too that indexes in c# are 0 based, not 1 based.

The TOM.NET CHMs are available for download from SDL LiveContent (login required).

  • In fields["thumbnail"];, Is key name case sensitive ? Because it shows me error like - Error The given key was not present in the dictionary
    – Urvesh
    Mar 7, 2014 at 14:50
  • 4
    Yes xml names are always case sensitive...
    – user219
    Mar 7, 2014 at 15:22

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