I am trying to get whereUsed data of a component/page template ? It throws the below fault exception.

"Cannot create an abstract class."

       WhereUsedFilterData usingItemsFilterData = new WhereUsedFilterData ();           
       return  client.GetListXml(tcmID, usingItemsFilterData);

Is there any other alternative way to get the whereUsed or Is there any problem in my code ?


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Rather than using the base class WhereUsedFilterData you should use on of the derived classes UsedItemsFilterData or UsingItemsFilterData like below:

//Get all items using the given TCM ID
UsingItemsFilterData usingItemsFilterData = new UsingItemsFilterData();
return client.GetListXml(tcmID, usingItemsFilterData);

//Get all items used by the given TCM ID
UsedItemsFilterData usedItemsFilterData = new UsedItemsFilterData();
return client.GetListXml(tcmID, usedItemsFilterData);

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