Apparently it is an out of the box Clear-TcmPublicationTarget cmdlet, but I never found it in my Tridion 2013 SP1 box.

Source: Ricks comment http://www.tridiondeveloper.com/decommission-a-publication-target


You should only need to import the module and the cmdlet will be available:

Import-Module Tridion.ContentManager.Automation
Get-Command -Module Tridion.ContentManager.Automation

That will import the cmdlets and show you a list of them.


It works on my 2013 SP1 system.

First, I'd suggest using

get-module -listAvailable 

to see if the module assembly is somewhere where your powershell can find it automatically. On my system,

gci env:PSModulePath

shows the Tridion bin directory as being on the module path, and the module is listed as available.

import-module Tridion.contentmanager.automation

should then succeed, after which typing


followed by TAB-completion should find the Cmdlet for you.

If this fails, try using the overload of ipmo that accepts an assembly location as a parameter.


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