What is the best way to read and write Tridion content programmaticaly? I want to build a migration tool that writes some pages and binary files to Tridion. I was thinking to try out the Content Delivery Web service API.


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The Content Delivery Web Service is mainly for delivery of content that is already managed and/or published by Tridion.

To interact with the Content Manager programmaticaly, the recommended extension point is the Content Manager Core Service.

From the online documentation (requires login):

The Core Service is a Web service that allows applications to interact with the Content Manager. For example, Content Manager clients such as Experience Manager and Content Manager Explorer interact with the Content Manager through the Core Service, and you can use the Core Service to integrate external systems with SDL Tridion. You also use the Core Service to implement Automatic Activities to control Workflow.

The Core Service is a SOAP Web service based on Windows Communication Foundation. It supports WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 and more advanced WS-* protocols.


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