I wanted to sort the users in the dropdown based on description in publishing queue popup. By default its title.

So I came across this post


and it Indeed solved my issue.

copying the Answer here:

Sort users in User dropdown on Publishing Queue popup could be achieved by creating new custom extension. You add new js file to Publishing Queue popup group where you can overwrite Tridion.Cme.Views.PublishQueue.USER_DROPDOWN_HEAD_PATH property. It should point to Dropdown xml definition file. You'll need to create your own Dropdown xml definition file (by copying existing WebUI/Editors/CME/Xml/ListDefinitions/PublishQueueUserDropdown-head.xml) and add new node /list:listDefinition/list:rows/list:defaultSortField with value @Description.

Now I have few questions:

  1. I can see many other xml files at the same location WebUI/Editors/CME/Xml/ListDefinitions, What is the purpose of these xml files in general?

  2. What else is possible with these files (just like sorting)?

  3. Do we have any schema definition for these xml files that explains more about the Xml Files?

PS: I am not asking it in the original thread on StackOverFlow, because I think it's more suited here now.

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    Schemas are stored in [Tridion_home]\web\WebUI\Core\Schemas
    – Nuno Linhares
    Apr 16, 2014 at 14:20

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These XMLs helpful if you want to do any GUI related task in CME, like if you need to provide client specific GUI for CME. You can modify font, add additional menu in ribbon of CME, want to place background image etc.


"List Definitions" are XML file that define the headers and column data for lists (and drop-down lists) within the CME and related products.

You are limited in what you can do in them (as they are interpreted by the list controls), but I don't know if there is a definite list of features they support. You can pretty much surmise the features by looking at the existing files, though.

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