I have three Schema A (Content) , B(Embedded), C(Embedded)

Schema A have fields A1(text) and A2(EmbeddedSchema)

Schema B have fields B1(EmbeddedSchema), B2(text) And Schema C have fields C1(text) and C2(text)

Schema B is embedded with field A2 and Schema C is embedded with field B1.

How to get the value of C1 field in C# TBB/Fragment.

I am doing to get the value of field A2 (document_order) with below code but unable to get the in field C1

if (pubMetadata.Contains("order_sort"))
    foreach (ItemFields docsort in ((EmbeddedSchemaField)pubMetadata["order_sort"]).Values) 
        //Below code line works 
        string docOrder = ((KeywordField)docsort["document_order"])

        //Below code line is not working 
        string docSortName = ((KeywordField)docsort["doc_sort"])

  • Can you please share your actual schema definitions? It's difficult to map your code to your abstract explanation.
    – Ant P
    Apr 29, 2014 at 15:26

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The general pattern is that the value of an EmbeddedSchemaField is an ItemFields collection.

So, something along these lines should work (I didn't test this)

ItemFields fields = new ItemFields(Component.Content, Component.Schema);
EmbeddedSchemaField embedded1 = (EmbeddedSchemaField)fields["EmbeddedSchemaFieldName"];
ItemFields embeddedFields = embedded1.Value;
EmbeddedSchemaField embedded2 = (EmbeddedSchemaField)embeddedFields["EmbeddedSchemaField2Name"];
ItemFields embeddedFields2 = embedded2.Value;

Pay attention to multi-value Embedded Schema fields, and all else failing, use the DGX extension from c# Building Blocks.

  • Thanks Nuno. Dreamweaver Get Extension meets my requirement.
    – user584
    Apr 30, 2014 at 6:43

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