For using TridionSitemapProvider for navigation, one need to have a TBB (for logic dependant requirments). Now, the TridionSiteMapProvider (from DD4T.MVC Project) which needs to be activated in web.config (similar to handler/module in .net, i guess), but do we need to have a router configuration for calling controller/actions or any abstact methods (PRE/POST) need to be used?Do we need a partial view for this? What will be the model then? How and where (Controller/Model/View) this needs to be invoked and used?

Please help me understanding the flow and share your valuable ideas.

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You do not need to write a controller or partial views to write out the navigation. The typical approach is to write a 'MenuHelper' which you can then call from the Razor views.

The idea is explained here: http://www.squarewidget.com/Render-HTML-for-Menu-in-MVC-3-Using-SiteMapProvider.


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