I need to get schema data and schema fields for particular version of schema.

To get schema data I use the next code

SchemaData schema = (SchemaData)Client.Read(schemaUri, null);

(schemaUri == "tcm:6166-36918-8-v1")

This code returns data for specified version. I can see this from schema.Xsd property in debug

To get schema fields I use the next code

SchemaFieldsData schemaFieldsData = Client.ReadSchemaFields(schemaUri, false, null);

(schemaUri == "tcm:6166-36918-8-v1")

Unfortunately this code returns the latest version ("tcm:6166-36918-8")

I can see this in debug as well

How can I return fields for particular version?

  • parse XSD?
  • save schema data to temp schema and then get fields from temp schema?
  • any normal way?


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Another option would be to temporally roll forward the schema to the current version so that you can use SchemaFieldsData, then when you've finished delete the version.

That said, it's certainly much safer to work with the XSD information.

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