Can anyone tell me if it is OK to to install Microsoft Security Patches on all Tridion servers on regular basis (like once a month).

Do we have any guidelines/best practice to install Windows Patches on Tridion Servers?

Anyone encountered any issue with Tridion Content Manager or Publishing after installing any security patch??


I've never had any issues with windows updates, the only one I've ever had to look out for is the java auto update, I always make sure this is turned off.

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    Chrome updates are usually painful, but never had issues with windows updates – Nuno Linhares Jun 18 '14 at 9:51

The short answer is "Always test ALL patches and changes in DEV and TEST environments before applying them in PROD". SDL can't possibly guarantee that future updates from another vendor won't impact the stability of their product.

That said, I have not had any issues in the past. I always leave automatic updates to download in my DEV instances, and manually install them and smoke test all functionality once a month in Tridion before allowing them to propagate to higher environments.

Like John said - be careful of Java updates, especially in the CD environment. I have not had Java update issues in the CM environment since the Business Connector was dropped.

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If it is SDL Tridion 2011 onwards (as you have mentioned), I have never faced any issue except if Java update is automatic as mentioned by John. For Tridion 5.x and 2009 (Which might not be the case for you) I can confirm that you will see a lots of issue as these Tridion versions are quite OLD, not in Support and have a lots of conflicts with Windows latest update.

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