Has anyone tried yet building a Windows 8 App that uses the Tridion Core Service? If I try to add a reference to Tridion.ContentManager.CoreService.Client.dll Visual Studio complains that

A reference to 'CoreService.dll' could not be added. The project targets .NETCore while the file reference targets .NETFramework. This is not a supported scenario.

Would I have to build my own CoreService reference instead (at a guess, I'd say yes) or is there a better way to use this reference?


Yeah, Metro apps cannot reference full .NET 4 assemblies. You should be able to create a service reference and use the resulting client instead, though.


Instead of using the Core Service client for metro apps, you can try following methods:

1) Add Service Reference to Core Service and use the resulting Visual Studio Client

2) Use svcutil.exe in VS Cmd Tool to create a proxy class for Core Service client

3) Try to explore the Channel Factory per your use


Or you can get hold of the Coreserivce Dll from 2013 which compiles on .net 4.5 :)

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