We can set Types for Publications such as:

  • Content
  • Web
  • Mobile

This lets us filter them in the CME.

I tried adding a new type by editing %TRIDION_HOME%\Tridion\config\Tridion.ContentManager in notepad and adding within <publicationTypes>:

<add id="1030" name="Define" titleResource="lblDefinePublicationType"/>

I cleared browser cache and tried an IIS reset, but don't see changes in the publication type drop-down or filter.

Should I be able to configure then see a new type in the Publication Type drop-down? Am I missing a step?

Notes in the config included:

  1) id and name attribute is unique. 
  2) id > 1024. Numbers below 1024 are reserved.
  3) titleResource is optional. if titleResource is not provided
     then the value specified in name will be used as PublicationType.Title

I also tried: <add id="1030" name="Define"/> in case I'm missing a label for the new type--not sure where they might be defined though.

This is specifically on a Windows 2012 machine with SDL Tridion 2013; 2011 seems similar but was missing a note reserving certain publication types.


You have edited Tridion.ContentManager.Config, which is Core configuration, but restarted IIS, which is CME playground. You need to reboot machine, or restart COM+ application and TCMServiceHost service to apply changes.

  • COM+ is not used in SDL Tridion 2013; it will either be available for Content Porter or backward compatibility or for licensing – Pankaj Gaur Mar 28 '13 at 8:36
  • Check your glasses :) – Andrey Marchuk Mar 28 '13 at 8:39
  • Ah, Editors like CME and Experience Manager "live" on the IIS side. I see how IIS is separate from the Content Management System. – Alvin Reyes Mar 28 '13 at 17:01

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