Hi i am New to SDL Tridion please suggest me needed resources and links to understand Core Service API,Now i am having API DOCS which is helpful but take too much time to understand it throughly .if anyone having resource/links which help to get it easily. Thanks in Advance

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You can start learning SDL Tridion from the SDL Live Content link - http://sdllivecontent.sdl.com/ (Require Login) and specific to Core Service you can refer THIS link (Require Login)

Additionally, you can refer this question on this site - Tridion API source for a beginner

Further, you may choose from various Training provided by SDL and get hands on knwoledge about various aspects of SDL Tridion along with Core Service.


The Tridion Core Service is a WCF 3.5 service. In the web.config or app.config you will need the WCF bindings to point to the Tridion Server. Also, since it is a WCF service, you can run the code locally and connect to a remote Tridion instance, assuming the firewall allows you. If the firewall blocks the call, you can use the http binding.

Then, you will need a few DLLs and a sample config from Tridion to get started. See my blog post here for a good example.

Finally, a good understanding of the Data Object model will be a big help, like knowing the difference between ComponentData and IdentifiableObjectData. My post on UFOs helps explain that.

I usually start with a simple console app and then use client.Read(URI, new ReadOptions()) and then go from there.

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