I can get the name and id of the user who submitted the comment as

<ugc:ForEachComment runat="server">
<ugc:ContextVariable runat="server" Var="ugcComment.user.name"/>  // working
<ugc:ContextVariable runat="server" Var="ugcComment.user.id"/>    // working
<ugc:ContextVariable runat="server" Var="ugcComment.user.email"/>  // not working (displaying "Tridion.ContentDelivery.UGC.Web.Model.User" instead of email address)

but not able to get the email address of the person. The email address is stored in the UGC_USERS table of UGC database.



Please try using emailAddress instead of email:

<ugc:ContextVariable runat="server" Var="ugcComment.user.emailAddress"/> 

Hope this helps.

  • I tried using <ugc:ContextVariable runat="server" Var="ugcComment.user.email"/> and <ugc:ContextVariable runat="server" Var="ugcComment.user.emailaddress"/> but did not get the email address of the user. Now realised that "A" in emailAddress is case sensitive. Thanks. It is working fine. – Meenakshi Apr 3 '13 at 14:30

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