I'm trying to make a GUI extension that opens a popup when you are in an RTF field.

The popup contains a browser button to select some components.

How to filter the type of components to select in the browser by a specific schema?

The idea is to add a button to the ribbon of text area. That should work like the standard hyperlink button of tridion, with a browser button to insert tcm:link in the rich text body. The requirement is that the components wich could be selected must be of one specific schema.

something like:

case "tcm:":
        if (p.NewLink.href.indexOf("tcm:") != "-1")
            var item = $models.getItem(p.NewLink.href);
            if (item)
                p.NewLink.tcmname = item.getStaticTitle();

        c.FieldUrl.disabled = true;
        c.FieldUrl.value = p.NewLink.value;


        c.RowUrl.style.display = "";
        c.RowAnchor.style.display = "none";
        p.NewLink.tcmuri = p.NewLink.href;
  • Please give some more details about your requirements. not clear from your question
    – Raj Kumar
    Jul 24, 2014 at 9:04

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Assuming, you`re opening item select dialog (Tridion.Cme.Views.ItemSelectDialog) to select the component you are interested in, you need to specify a filter in dialog features.

As an example when you click on browse button to open popup dialog:

Extension.Browse.prototype.onOpenClik = function Extension$browse(isControlVisible)
    var contextItemID = this.getContextUri();

    var dialogPopup = $popupManager.createExternalContentPopup(
        $cme.Popups.ITEM_SELECT.URL.format(contextItemID, ""),
            filter: this.getFilter()

Where filter is Tridion.ContentManager.ListFilter with all associated properties, such as (new Tridion.ContentManager.ListFilter()).conditions.BasedOnSchema where you can specify the schemas you have to deal with.


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