Can you add a folder and all of its contents to a bundle? It looks like when you insert a folder into a bundle only the folder is added, not all the items under it. We have a complicated folder structure and I'd rather not go thru each folder & add all the contents.


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You could do this by performing an Advanced Search on the parent Folder, and then adding all of the results to your bundle.

If you just want Components, and not sub-Folders, then you can filter these out using the Types Advanced Search option to just return Components.

The setting that you probably want are:

  • Searching term: *
  • Also search in sub-sections: Ticked
  • Content type: Components
  • Number of results: All

You may want to look at my blog post from earlier in the year about Publishing Tridion Folders - Only instead of publishing the results of the search, you will want to add them to you Bundle.


I guess the easiest - from an editor's point of view - would be to use the Event System to "grab" the components whenever a folder is added to a bundle. Could become tricky if you ever want to actually include just the folder.

The BundleSaveEventArgs events have a property named "ItemsAdded" (and "ItemsRemoved"), so you could use this to figure out when to kick in and add more items to the Bundle.

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