I am looking to get the component resolved in page using core service..

We can find item used in how many places by this

UsedItemsFilterData usedItemsFilterData = new UsedItemsFilterData();
return client.GetListXml(tcmID, usedItemsFilterData)

i need solution for itemType component in which pages it got used and ,does any one having some link or post

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You're almost there.

To determine all pages that use a given component, I would use the following code:

UsingItemsFilterData pagesFilter = new UsingItemsFilterData();
pagesFilter.ItemTypes = new [] {ItemType.Page};
return client.GetListXml(componentId, pagesFilter);

To find all component(linked Component) linked to pages

            UsedItemsFilterData filter = new UsedItemsFilterData();
            filter.ItemTypes = new ItemType[] { ItemType.Component };
            XElement xmllist= client.GetListXml("tcm:aaa-bbbb-64", filter);
            //to get list of all component for pages(Level1)
            list = (xBundles.DescendantNodes()).ToList<XNode>();
            foreach (XElement foo in list)
                if (foo.HasAttributes == true)
                        XElement xmllist2= client.GetListXml(foo.FirstAttribute.Value,filter);//get all component from component(level 2)
                        List<XNode> List2 = new List<XNode>();
                        List2 = (xmllist2.DescendantNodes()).ToList<XNode>();
                        foreach(XElement foo1 in List2)
//repeat same loop structure to get next level
                            if (foo1.HasAttributes == true)
                             //for level 2


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