By default tridion enables a new RTF button in all RTF fields under Edit Formatting Features. I need to disable my newly added RTF button in all fields and should enable it only in one RTF field. Is there a way to achieve this functionality.


Open them one by one and make the required changes.

  • Am looking for an automated process as i have 113 schemas which atleast has 3 RTF fields each. – Jaison Prabhu Doss Aug 26 '14 at 13:00

As Frank's comment suggests, if you want an automated process to update multiple schemas at once you are going to want to use the Core Service. His link shows a similar scenario.

In your case you could simply retrieve a list of all schemas as discussed here, then follow my solution in Frank's link to retrieve the SchemaData XSD for each schema. Once you have this, some string/XML manipulation would let you add the "DisallowedActions" element needed to turn off your feature.

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