I've read the question/answer of how to start bundle workflow by event system and I've leveraged the stuff here to create bundle and add items via core service. But, I can't quite figure out how to start workflow on a bundle. I see the StartWorkflow method in ICoreService2012. but that doesn't accept a bundle. That expects the ID of a repository and StartWorkflowInstructionData. Am I able to use StartWorkflowInstructionData to specify the bundle to start the workflow?

  • yes Frank. thanks for the link... was in a rush to get it posted and should have taken the time to be more thorough. Sep 4, 2014 at 16:32

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Try this:

 StartWorkflowInstructionData startWorkflowInstruction = new StartWorkflowInstructionData();
 startWorkflowInstruction.Assignee = new LinkToTrusteeData { IdRef = client.GetCurrentUser().Id };
 startWorkflowInstruction.ActivityTitle = "A title for the activity";
 startWorkflowInstruction.ProcessInstanceTitle = "A title for the process instance";
 startWorkflowInstruction.Subjects = new[] { new LinkToIdentifiableObjectData { IdRef = bundle.Id } };
 client.StartWorkflow("THE_URI_OF_PUBLICATION", startWorkflowInstruction, new ReadOptions());

Basically the StartWorkflowInstructionData has an array of Subjects, you just add your bundle to that collection.


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