Publication settings for Translation Manager (Connector) to SDL WorldServer or TMS include an option for Keywords and other items (building blocks).

Can I turn this setting on, send Keyword metadata for translation, but somehow exclude the Keyword name (title) visible in the Content Manager Explorer from translation?

I want the Keywords to appear in their source language for authors across the BluePrint, while a separate field (description or metadata) will hold translations in child publications.

  • For us the keyword name is getting translated, We have selected the keyword description check box not the keyword name check box in publication properties and also where is the settings to translate keyword metadata? I have selected the translatable check box in the keyword metadata schema but still it is not getting translated.
    – user1713
    Commented Oct 30, 2015 at 14:24
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In the properties of the Source Publication you can choose to translate the Name or Description of the keyword or both.

enter image description here

Just choose to translate the description, so the name will appear in the original language. Haven't tried but that is the direction I would follow

Based on the documentation


The Metadata always will be translated


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