The docs say:

The cd_link_conf.xml is the Dynamic Link Resolver configuration file where you can configure optional Publication-specific settings that are used to resolve links.

If I add a node like:

    <Publication Id="36">               
        <Host Domain="www.neil.com" Port="80" Protocol="http" Path="/"/>

My understanding is that any dynamic link resolution using publication Id of "36" will be affected by these settings.

So, in the LINK_INFO table of broker I can see lots of relative urls in the URL column against publication Id 36, e.g. /private-charter/index.html.

What I'm expecting is that when I resolve a link, the Link.Url property will be www.neiltest.com/private-charter/index.html - a combination of the stored Url and the cd_link_conf settings.

As you've probably guessed by the fact I'm asking this question on TSE, I'm not seeing what I think is the expected behaviour.

Can anyone clarify the effects of using cd_link_conf.xml for me?


Came across another post from Will which mentions that it is possible to to see the behaviour I'm expecting. Perhaps there is an error somewhere ...

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My bad - this works exactly as I expected .... once Tridion CD API is set up correctly.

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