i am getting 404 when creating new page on Tridion 2013 SP1 experience manager, when i check the publishing queue, the page is rendering... after the queue says published, i refresh the experience manager, the new page shows up. it looks like the experience manager Invoke gets the JSON data says isPublished="true", and try to load the page. however, the page is not rendered. is it a configuration issue or bug. any expert can help thanks.

attached browser network log, test102.aspx get 404, prevous Invoke gets JSON data says isPublished="true", and experience manager try to load test102.aspx, but the page still in rendering stange. hope this helps understanding the issue.

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We have been able to fix this on our system. We were checking the publication target type on render and only outputting the XPM code if equals staging publicationTargetType == 'staging'. By changing this logic to publicationTargetType != 'live', creating a new page and update preview then all kicked in to action. We all learn from our mistakes.

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