In CMS I have attached the component inside richtext as a link. When i publish the page the HTML of the link inside the richtext is rendered as

> <a title="Signup" target="overlay"
> href="http://MysiteURL/Myform.aspx"><strong>Sing up today!</strong>&nbsp;</a>

I want to open the Myform.aspx page as overlay on clicking the link.

At DD4T solution i am using below code to render rich text.

@if (Model.Component.Fields.ContainsKey("description")) {        <p>@Model.Component.Fields["description"].Value.ResolveRichText()</p>  

If anyone can help me to achieve this functionality?

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The answer to this question is not really tridion-related, but can simply be solved using a javascript library.

Some plugins are at your disposal (jquery based)



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