I would like to learn a bit about Tridion by experimenting with it.

Does SDL offer a free download for learning/experimentation use? I know there are webinars I can look at and documents I can read, but I prefer learning by doing...

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This seems a ever-present question. From SDL Tridion World if you have a valid account you can download the software. But unfortunately, if things have not changed, you can only obtain a Tridion license if one of the following situations apply to you:

Here you will find more information.

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The answer to this is very short: No.

If you want a license for SDL Tridion you have to purchase it by contacting SDL sales.

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    Why? I'm often involved in software selection projects. My advise usually is to pick software for which it's easy to find developers. SDL creates a very high barrier to entry for new developers to pick up the knowledge required. This will result in less developers, and higher prices. Not a desireable situation for companies using Tridion.
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    It is not up to me to answer the why, that is just what SDL management decided, I'm just the messenger. Commented Apr 12, 2013 at 8:56

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