We are using Tridion 5.3 and are wondering if we use unique Content Delivery instances can we specify different binding targets for the broker depending on the target publication.

We want to use the SQL binding for some publications and the file system binding for others.

Is this approach viable?

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In R5.3, you cannot set bindings differently per publication in the same configuration file. As Pankaj pointed out you can set both file system and database bindings for the same publication BUT from the same configuration you cannot vary the bindings for different sites.

If you want to do this, you'll need different CD instances with their own configuration file. For deployment you can use deployer instances and for delivery you can have separate websites each with their own configuration.

SDL Tridion 2011 and above supports different bindings per publication in the same configuration file.

  • So Julian, is it the case in this situation tfinez would need just two CD instance? One for the publications which will be bound to SQL and another for the ones which will be bound to the file system? Or does tfinez have to go as far as setting up a CD instance for each publication? Apr 18, 2013 at 1:20

Yes you can manage that through your cd_broker_conf.xml by assigning appropriate binding. Please take note of the following from the R5.3 SP1 manual regarding what all you can store on FS and what all you can store on DB:

enter image description here

For further details, I would recommend you to go thorugh the Content Delivery Implementation Guide that you can download from SDL Tridion World.

May be if you can zero down your requirement and paste your Broker Configuration File, the community can better help you :)

By the way, you can add another Publication node in the Parent Publications node with its id and defining Defaults Binding and even specific bindings for items in this publication.

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