To complement a future post on Tridion features and modules, I'd like to ask for your help gathering user account details for the following:

  • Content Manager
  • External Content Library (ECL)
  • Translation Manager
  • SmartTarget

For any that you know (you don't have to answer all of them*) answer with:

  • User (default or typical user, if configurable--e.g. MTSUser)
  • Config location: [typical configuration path and file]
  • Optional: notes on authorization from a user perspective, for example with Translation Manager, users need scope to targets and permissions aren't needed

*Feel free to add more features, extensions, or modules to the question. Please upvote useful answers. I started a community wiki as an example answer and to summarize answers, but I'll gladly accept the highest scoring, most comprehensive answer.

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Example answer format (I'll remove this if someone wants to answer everything)

Content Manager

  • User: MTSUser(domain account)
  • Config: Create in Windows: System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Users.
  • Note: do not add as a CMS user. See answers and comments to Neil's question on SO.

Other default user accounts described in the documentation, all start with "tcm" such as tcmpublisher and tcmworkflow.

External Content Library (ECL)

  • User:
  • Config:

Translation Manager

  • User:
  • Config:

SmartTarget (ST)

  • Users:
    • (Web service) API: stuser
    • (Web service) Deployer Extension: stdeployer
    • Fredhopper processes (Query Server and Index Server): fhuser
  • Config:

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