we will start with a DD4T implemenation soon (Tridion 2011 SP1, MVC4, .NET 4.0), but one (hard) requirement from the client is that the preview of a page in Tridion CM context is working. The default preview renders - of course - the XML that will be published to the broker. Could anyone give some instructions/examples/pointers on how to implement such a preview in Tridion CM (if possible in the first place!).

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In the current version of DD4T the base controller - TridionControllerBase - has a PreviewPage action that would allow you to post DD4T XML to it, returning view markup.

Could find an example TBB - but should be straight-forward to write. There is an example RewriteUrlsForPreview TBB which I think takes care of swapping out Preview urls prior to posting (not quite sure on that one)?


  • works like a charm, thx! Apr 25, 2013 at 8:01

I'm not sure how much of this would apply to DD4T, but I've used a solution like this with similar solutions:

  • In your delivery side, make sure the XML input for your pages/components can come from any XML document, not just a file or a database record
  • Add a webservice that allows you to POST temporary content to be rendered on the delivery tier, and that invokes your rendering framework
  • In your templates, add a building block that determines if you're previewing or publishing
  • If previewing, invoke this webservice then show the results of the rendering framework

I don't know how far DD4T goes in allowing for this, so the amount of work needed will vary - maybe others around here can help in the remaining steps.

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