We're using DD4T and in a view are rendering component links. The issue is that the link comes out like this: http://localhost:889/http://localhost/.... The relative path is correct, but the front part of the URL is all messed up.

The code that runs is DD4T.Web.Mvc.Html.LinkHelper, GetResolvedUrl() function:

if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(sourcePageUri) 
    && string.IsNullOrEmpty(excludeComponentTemplateUri))
  link = LinkFactory.ResolveLink(component.Id);

The link that is returned is what I've shown above. It seems like this could be related to the Unity configuration, but I just can't quite pinpoint it. Would anyone please shed some light here?


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This is, of course, not related to DD4T and just the basic configuration in cd_link_conf.xml.

What needs to be specified is the Host element. As per the comments provided in the boilerplate cd_link_conf.xml file, specify the Domain, Port and Path. In my case, the Path was set to "http://localhost" and the domain was set to "http://localhost:889" causing dynamic linking to spit out the weird URL.

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