Scenario: In the deployer server side the storage config file is configured for file system storage for pages and binaries and database storage for all the rest.

I am using the deployer windows service to do the work.

The config files seems to be OK (compared with the same files in the others environments).

A strange issue: the deployer can deploy to the file system, but nothing happens in the broker database side.

  • In the publish queue all seems to be OK (success). The details view shows all the publication steps with sucess state.
  • Nothing in the Tridion event log.
  • Nothing in the CM server logs (logback configured to ALL).

Finally in the core log file in the deployer server (logback configured to ALL), I have found out a brief reference (no error) to license file or binding configuration (I will back and post, if I can recover it, the complete message).

After check some configurations, etc., including place a sniffer to catch communications betweens deployer server and broker database (I have been racking my brain for awhile), finally, I have decided to check the cd_licenses file in the deployer server, "a priori" does not seem to make any sense for me because the file system deployment works fine. But surprisingly there was a mistake in the license file...

And now the questions:

  • Have I searched the error info in the wrong places? Shouldn't we have been able to see this error more plainly?
  • Someone could explain me in which moment the content delivery license is validated?
  • Why the file system deployment have been worked?

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1) No, but see my answer to 3

2) the license file is validated, minimally, on initialization, which for the deployer is on start up (for other use cases it might be per session/request)

3) the deployer supports deployment to the file system as a default (legacy support), hence with a faulty key it worked. As this is intended behavior you did not see an error

  • Thanks Julian for the clarification. I cannot avoid to think that this kind of behaviour could be a source of problems. Not to mention the fact that someone could deploy the website (at least partially) without a valid content delivery license.
    – DanielGLB
    Apr 24, 2013 at 14:21
  • certainly this is true. But it's difficult to know when to show an error and when not to in this case. Apr 26, 2013 at 14:58

In response to question 3, this is taken from the online documentation (login required):

If your license for database storage is expired or missing, Content Delivery stores content on the file system as a fallback scenario.

If you have more than one file system storage location in your cd_storage_conf.xml file (probable if you are publishing more than one site from Tridion), then you can specify which one to use as the default fallback location with the defaultStorage attribute on the Storage node.

<Storage Type="filesystem" Class="com.tridion.storage.filesystem.FSDAOFactory" Id="my_site" defaultFilesystem="false" defaultStorage="true">
    <Root Path="D:\Websites" />

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