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Use for Tridion Sites-related question using its .NET-based APIs or for .NET-based implementations relying on an integration with Tridion or Tridion-managed content.

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Upper case schema fields in DXA 2.2 issue

For DXA 2.2 (.NET) I observed that having uppercase schema fields does not work. It seems like delivery maps them to first letter lowercase, so even though I try different types of mapping in DXA to a ...
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Blank page on website randomly

We are facing a strange issue intermittently where our web pages do not load and show "almost" a blank page. Some basic html is loaded but none which has our content and images in it. For ...
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DXA .Net Web App Upgrade Issue from 2.0.3 to 2.2

When I try to update the nuget package for Sdl.Web.Delivery (8.5.1041 to 11.5.1045) I get an error: Unable to find a version of 'StackExchange.Redis.StrongName' that is compatible with 'Microsoft....
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Executing Default Finish action from .net assembly

I want to execute default finish action compound tbb from .NET code. Is it possible and how? Or any other TBB that comes with Tridion installation?
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Which methods are available to programmatically add XO Triggers?

We are looking to add Triggers to XO Programmatically. I found this question that refers to ST 2014 and how to do this: How to create Custom Trigger in SmartTarget 2014 SP1 However, I was interested ...
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DXA .NET 2.2.9 Staging website cannot be load correctly. (css and js cannot be loade caused page not show correctly)

Environment: 1. Server A: Tridion site 9.6 + CD + DXA .NET 2.2.9 (Staging site)                  2. Server B: CD + DXA Java 2.2.3 (Live) Website : 400 example publication, the whole publication ...
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