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Use for Tridion Sites-related question using its .NET-based APIs or for .NET-based implementations relying on an integration with Tridion or Tridion-managed content.

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Upper case schema fields in DXA 2.2 issue

For DXA 2.2 (.NET) I observed that having uppercase schema fields does not work. It seems like delivery maps them to first letter lowercase, so even though I try different types of mapping in DXA to a ...
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DXA .Net Web App Upgrade Issue from 2.0.3 to 2.2

When I try to update the nuget package for Sdl.Web.Delivery (8.5.1041 to 11.5.1045) I get an error: Unable to find a version of 'StackExchange.Redis.StrongName' that is compatible with 'Microsoft....
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Executing Default Finish action from .net assembly

I want to execute default finish action compound tbb from .NET code. Is it possible and how? Or any other TBB that comes with Tridion installation?
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Which methods are available to programmatically add XO Triggers?

We are looking to add Triggers to XO Programmatically. I found this question that refers to ST 2014 and how to do this: How to create Custom Trigger in SmartTarget 2014 SP1 However, I was interested ...
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DXA .NET 2.2.9 Staging website cannot be load correctly. (css and js cannot be loade caused page not show correctly)

Environment: 1. Server A: Tridion site 9.6 + CD + DXA .NET 2.2.9 (Staging site)                  2. Server B: CD + DXA Java 2.2.3 (Live) Website : 400 example publication, the whole publication ...
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How to get published pages which have used Component Template "XYZ"

trying to fetch list of published pages to live target and have component template "XYZ" embedded in those pages. Is there any .Net Core service API method helpful for same. I found API ...
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