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9.6 is the latest upcoming version of Tridion Sites.

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Tridion Object cache is not working in content service in Tridion sites 9.6

We are using Tridion sites 9.6 along with DXA 2.2 Java. The cd services are installed on Linux env and we are facing an issue where content broker queries are not being cached. ObjectCache is enabled ...
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how to add onclick functionality in component

I am using Tridion Site 9.6 as the backend, and Next.js is used for the frontend. I want to add an onclick functionality to my anchor tag. We are parsing our component data on the frontend. Is there ...
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How to improve page load time with any pre rendering approach?

we are using SDL Tridion sites 9.6 with DD4T 2.0 framework. we got some requirement from our SEO agency like rendering website page data faster through server-side rendering process. Presently we are ...
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Binary Data folder is not getting updated in DXA 2.2

In DXA 2.2, After deleting a .js file from Multimedia and publishing it, the file is not getting removed from the Binary Data folder. Tridion version: 9.6. Please provide some input.
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Enable Resolver logs in CM

I want to enable resolver logs because my resolver fails with the following exception during render phase: Tridion.ContentManager.Publishing.Resolving.ResolveException: The error occured during Data ...
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DXA .NET 2.2.9 Staging website cannot be load correctly. (css and js cannot be loade caused page not show correctly)

Environment: 1. Server A: Tridion site 9.6 + CD + DXA .NET 2.2.9 (Staging site)                  2. Server B: CD + DXA Java 2.2.3 (Live) Website : 400 example publication, the whole publication ...
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supported ECL connectors for 9.6

I saw in the preview group that SDL is releasing a connector for PoolParty. Is there any other new connector that SDL will release, or is that the only new one?
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