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9.1 Deployer extension via Add-on

Just checking the 9.1 docs for implementing deployer extension via Add-on: Unlike other Extensions, the Content Deployer does not allow for multiple Extensions to be added to it at the same time. ...
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Why the SDL Tridion Sites 9.1 Content Service with Context Cartridge "Cannot Find Repository"?

We are running the SDL Tridion Sites 9.1 Content Service and we have the context extension installed using the add-on service (udp-context-extension-assembly-XYZ-core). We are running the content ...
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How to Uninstall Add-on Feature

I have used Tridion Sites UI to install ADD-ON feature by providing dummy URL http://tridionx-qa-xx:83/addon/ui, After installing CMS and Publisher is full of Add-on logs. How Can I remove Add-on ...
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Error "One or more Extensions in the Add-on failed to run. Contact the developer(s) of the Extension(s) to have this issue resolved.... "

We have an Add-on package (a ZIP file) that contains a manifest file, configuration, and External Content Library (ECL) Provider-related DLL files as per guidelines from SDL docs.
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Best way to package Workflow for Sites 9.1?

We can group and package extensions to Tridion Sites by creating an Add-on, which is a ZIP file containing configuration and related code. I can see the documentation for the extension types, in this ...
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