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Questions tagged [ambient-data-framework]

ADF provides a common location for contextual information in the web application for any given request

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ADF not accepting third party cookies

Inside of our DD4T implementation (using Tridion 9) we are trying to add third party script for cookies. However, once it is added after accepting cookies all pages are crashing with error: We ...
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UGC - Delete rating

When I try and delete a rating with the following (token shortened for brevity): curl -X DELETE -H "Authorization OAuth client_idxxxx" http://ugc/odata.svc/Ratings(Id=634) I get the following error: ...
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Experience Optimization custom parameters or claims

I have DXA 2.2 web application running with Experience Optimization and displaying the Promotions based on some basic Trigger Types like user browser etc. I am not using Audience Manager database ...
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How are TAFTracking and TAFSession used?

The Ambient Data Framework (ADF) has configurable cookies for Tracking and Session (TAFTracking and TAFSession, respectively). See details on the SDL Documentation Center. How are these used in ...
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Disabling Ambient framework and Content Preview gives error

I am trying to disbale the ambient framwework and tridion content preview modules by removing below modules <add name="Tridion.ContentDelivery.AmbientData.HttpModule" type="Tridion....
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Smart Target 2014 with DD4T MVC.NET Application Not working

I am implementing SMartTarget on DD4T MVC.NET application as suggested here code is below ClaimStore claimStore = ...
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How does solve ADF solution for Update Preview issue in XPM

When I click on "update preview", "update preview" show again and again. Because Real URL is different from URL of Broker DB, the above problem happen. So, I solve the problem by using ADF. I ...
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Access denied Error on removing Tridion Ambient Framework

We are facing one issue when we are trying to remove Tridion ambient framework from our Live website [since it doesn't need XPM]. Stack trace for Error : [InvalidOperationException: Cannot open log ...
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