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How to configure active mq using a load balance domain name?

I have two content delivery servers in QA environment, where in live and staging services configured based on the load balance(NGNIX domain name I was able to bring up all the ...
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DD4T Cache Invalidation in-consistent behaviour

I have implemented JMS based cache invalidation mechanism using Apache MQ, application is MVC.NET 4.0 application, I found there is lot of inconsistent behavior while we try to invalidate the cache, ...
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DD4T 2.0 cache not getting invalidated

We are using DD4T 2.0 in our MVC application with Tridion 2013 SP1 as CMS. Since DD4T 2.0 does not support RMI based cache invalidation, we setup JMS based cache invalidation with ApacheMQ. The ...
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