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4 answers

Creating Binary Components using the Core Service

I'm trying to create a copy of an existing component using the core service which has worked fine up until I hit a binary component when running my console app. To give you an example of what my code ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Binary not being removed from filesystem

We have binaries which are both dynamic, but can also be manually added to components. PDF's in this particular case. The binary is unpublished The references to the components it was linked to have ...
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9 votes
6 answers

What is the best way to manage Javascript and CSS withTridion (2011/2013)?

I've always wondered if there's a "preferred" way to manage CSS and Javascript files in Tridion. I have mine (do whatever is best for the customer's requirement) but maybe there's some kind of "best ...
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2 answers

Why doesn't BinaryContent get expanded for embedded components?

My page contains a component presentation that embeds two sub levels of components as depicted below: Page -> Component Level One -> Component Level Two -> Component Level Three When I add a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Custom binary publisher with an older version DD4T

The binaries get published with TCM ID appended to their file name. I want to change the file name to be published without a TCM ID and path based on Structure Group. The latest DD4T version has ...
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Binary updates - issue with configuration - DXA

I am running a DXA 1.2 website with Tridion 2013 SP1. Binaries are being pushed out as DCPs. When I publish a new binary, everything seems to be working as expected i.e; item gets updated in the ...
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How to get binary file from Broker DB using CIL?

I am using SDL Web 8.5 and it has been configured to publish content and images to Broker DB. I have a Restful web service (written in Java) which is using CIL to get Component Presentation as JSON. ...
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