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Bundles are containers of content items (pages, components, any items in Tridion)

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Unable to delete old workflow process

We are using Web 8.5 and we are trying to delete an old Workflow Process but the Bundle attached to the Process has been removed from the Workflow Instance and deleted. This is now causing the ...
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“Republish Only (Do Not Publish New Content)” option not working

Scenario: I have a bundle which has 4 pages, A,B,C and D. Out of these pages 2 are published (A and B) and 2 are new pages (not published any where). The bundle is being published to single target ...
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Do Bundle Links in Experience Manager open webpages by default?

On one of our training setups (Electridion on SDL Tridion 2013), clicking on Pages in the Bundle workflow list opens a new browser tab to the corresponding webpage in Staging. Clicking on Pages in a ...
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