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Question about Region and Include Page URLs caching

Is there any caching implemented on Region / Include Page URLs level? If yes how to validate it's being cached? As I am using Include Page URLs for shared layout components such as header and footer ...
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how can I remove the page output from the content caching?

@Data @NoOutputCache @EqualsAndHashCode(callSuper = true) public class NewsList extends AbstractEntityModel { .... } I am using SDL 9.6 and DXA 2.2.33 for our website. I am generating a news list ...
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pageMeta.LastPublicationDate is not updated after page publish

We are using DXA and Site 9.1, we have object cache set up with ACTIVE MQ, so as soon as I publish the page cache gets invalidated and i can see changes in pages, but I do have requirement to set up ...
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Use of Output cache on Page Controllers Page Action Method Tridion SIte 9.1

We are using Tridion site 9.1 and DXA. recently we are noticing high CPU Usage and site down alert on production. Is it good idea to cache the whole page action response and serve the cached page (...
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Is it possible to exclude certain parts from being cached?

We are using Tridion Sites 9 and DXA 2.2.6. We are implementing Content Security Policy (CSP) and therefore we need a dynamically created CSP response header with nonce tokens and on the webpages we ...
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Tridion DXA 2.1 Cache invalidation

We have a tridion DXA 2.1 .NET website that is using Output Caching and View Model caching. Is there a way to invalidate the Output Cache and View Model cache based on some dependencies like some ...
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Unable to establish communication to active mq through DD4T web application

We have configured Tridion sites 9 deployers,upgraded DD4T web application with DD4T.Provider.Tridion9.CIL able to retrieve the content successfully. Configured Active Mq, updated deployer and content ...
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How to implement Redis cache with DXA 2.0 Java application

We are using SDL Web 8.5 and DXA 2.0 Java for our website. We would like to incorporate client-side (Content Interaction Library(CIL)) caching to improve site performance. Is there any example or ...
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DD4T ComponentPresentationFactory - Caching issue

During performance testing, I am hitting the following issue when the load increases on my presentation servers for DCPs. 2017 - 04 - 21 00: 06: 38, 419[9] ERROR - Internal Server Error System.Web....
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Razor Import Caching problem

Right now it seems that the razor imports get cached, and you need to "touch" (make a minor change) to the TBB that is using the razor import. This usually isnt a problem unless of course you're ...
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