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Tridion CD client dll versions compatibility

Running Sites 9.0 here and wondering, is it safe to install the latest version of the Sdl.Web.Delivery Nuget Package, 11.0.11022? Are they all compatible with the CD of the respective Tridion version ...
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CIS Performance log

We are having problems in one of our environments related with CIS performance. In DEV, the time consumed to retrieve a page is 1 second. But in UAT, the same page expends 60 seconds. Is there any ...
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SDL Web 8.5 - Install legacy API (in-process) files outside the /bin folder of .NET Web application

According to the documentation to install in-process APIs, it is necessary to install both the lib folder and the config folder and their dlls inside the \bin folder of the .NET web application. The ...
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SDL Web Content Service not starting as a windows service

I am setting up SDL Web 8.5 as a standalone on a single machine for learning and training purposes. Whilst installing and configuring SDL Web Content and DXA Model Service using DXA 2.0, unable to ...
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Obtaining Binary content from content.svc

Right now we are developing a service for mobile to obtain the labels that are stored in tridion (mobile publication) in a Core component that it's attached to the Publish settings page. First I ...
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Efficient approach to get Component Presentation objects as array of JSON objects in Java (non-MVC)

Requirement: Java web application (non-MVC) needs to fetch required Component Presentations objects from Tridion Broker DB. Some basic conditions to fetch DCPs will be: Schema=S1 ...
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Application Model Integration

We are planning to use SDL Tridion in an external web application, where the needs are to include some contents in certain parts of the application, something like banners, news, etc. (XO content ...
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Implementation options to consume SDL 8.5 Content Service in Java webapplication:

We have java web application fetching Tridion content from Broker DB + Files System using CD APIs. We are planning to move to SDL web 8.5 content service and have below queries on same: 1) What are ...
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Sync-TtmCdEnvironment / Enable-TtmCdEnvironment {"error":"invalid_grant"} Error

Working on a Database refresh in SDL Tridion Sites 8.5 Prework Import Databases CM DB, Broker DB's, Discovery DB's Bring down all containers for CIS Modify Dockerfile (ie ...
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