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Schema won't content port - An unexpected version is found in the URI: tcm:x-x-8

I'm trying to content port a number of schemas from one environment to another. Tridion is throwing the following exception: 2016/05/09 11:24:24 <56> [Information] Import process '...
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How to use Content Porter on SDL Web 8?

I want to use Content Porter on SDL Web8. Documentation describes that no server side installation is required to use Content Porter, and client installation is available from "Tools" tab of Content ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Property 'TemplatePurpose' can not be updated

During the import of templates with SDL Web Content Porter 9.0 into SDL Tridion Sites 9 I get the following error message: 2019-08-29 12:54:33 <21> [Error] Tridion.ContentManager....
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Efficient way to port content from Tridion 2011 to Web 8.5

I am in need to find out a solution to port content which are in Tridion 2011 sp1 to Web 8.5. My initial plan is to use import export service along with content porter. I am trying to create the ...
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Found multiple Schemas with namespace '' and root element name 'ModuleConfiguration'

I ran into trouble after porting the content from dev to test.The sequence in which I ported the content is Categories and keywords> Schemas> Component template> Component> Page template&...
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