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Links to SDL Documentation and Community sites are broken

Recent updates on the SDL documentation and community sites are breaking some older existing links from tridion stack exchange. When will SDL have redirects in place to fix this please? For example in ...
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Can we get Installation and Product Prerequisites in a PDF for SDL Web 8

We are working on an upgrade to SDL Web 8, We noticed that is very slow and takes lot of time to load. Is there an option to get the Installation and Product Prerequisites on ...
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Copying a link from Tridion online Documentation

I am trying to copying a link as mentioned in Tridion doc for mailing but unable to do that. Please see the attached screenshot. Can someone point out how to copy a clean link. Copying a URL contains ...
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Need a sample architecture and design documents for Tridion implementation

All - We are currently working on building websites using Tridion and need to come up with an architecture document depicting logical and physical architectures as well as a design document for ...
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Does SDL offer a free developer download?

I would like to learn a bit about Tridion by experimenting with it. Does SDL offer a free download for learning/experimentation use? I know there are webinars I can look at and documents I can read, ...
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Deployer extension - documentation

Is there any further documentation or Javadocs for the Deployer API? I'm writing a deployer extension for 2011 SP1 HR1 and have things up and running based on Tridion World articles and the online ...
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