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How to access the nested embedded mutlivalue schema fields in C#

I have three Schema X is content schema , Y is Embedded schema , Z is also Embedded schema. schema z is embedded within schema Y i.e also embedded schema Schema X have field called Heading Schema Y ...
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Multiple embedded schema types in embedded schema field

Is it possible within Tridion 2013 SP1 to have an embedded schema field that allows more than one type of embedded schema. I was wondering if anyone has tried this using a complex schema or knows of ...
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Can't move multi-value (embedded) fields in Tridion GUI

Strange thing has happened on out Tridion 2011 SP1 fresh installation (with HR2). We are not able to move multi-value (embedded) fields anymore inside the Tridion CME GUI. I checked out all the ...
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How to read internal nodes of embedded schema using core service factory java?

I am able to read xml name, description and type (In picture,callToAction, Calls To Action, Embedded Schema respectively). How to read internal node of embedded schema(In picture,Link_ES) using core ...
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Recursive embeddable schema to build up a tree

I would like to build up a tree of components in a component as shown below. This would require an embeddable schema setup in which it would have a component link field and an embeddable schema which ...
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Unable to update existing embedded schema Root element name

We need to update the root element name of an embedded schema, which is used in another Schema. Now once the root element name of embedded schema is done, the schema that uses it gives the below ...
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Define a default value for an Embedded Schema from the Schema using it

Assume I have a schema that contains a list of links, let's call it a link farm schema. These links are embedded schemas with a label field and a URL field. Assume that I want the label field of the ...
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XPM inline editing - add new value in a multi-valued embedded field

I am facing an issue while adding new value in a multi-valued embedded field in XPM. In case of adding new value after last value of multi value field, it replaces the last value with new one. For ...
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Getting null for embedded components on DXA 1.5

We are migrating from DXA 1.2 to DXA 1.5. As part of that we had set up personalized modules and initializing the modules accordingly using ModuleInitializer with that specific area name. For some ...
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Best way to design embedded components in CMS(component inside component 3 levels)?

Looking for best way to design embedded components (component inside a component up to 3 levels) in SDL Tridion. Example: Details (show/hide) is a parent component and list is an embedded(child) ...
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How to add XPM tags for component linked field and embedded fields in DXA 1.2

I have three Schemas as per Schemas design created the model 1st model : NewsletterContainer having normal field and component link field allowed Newsletter content schema 2nd model : Newsletter ...
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Instructions not set for Binary while publishing Multimedia component linked to Content which is using CT set to be published as embedded

I have a situation here: -Multimedia component(let's say pdf abc.pdf) -All Multimedia items tied to a Dynamic Component Template used to publish binaries using TBB. -This Multimedia used in ...
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XPM in Embedded Schema Fields its not able to update except index value in Razor Template?

Razor Code @FieldStartMarker("Component.Fields.footerquicklinks") @FieldValueStartMarker() <span class="links">@Component.Fields.footerquicklinks.quicklinktitle</span> @...
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