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How to pass page variable in URL string upon click

I have a link to a 3rd party page, and I want the link to capture a unique customer number in the data/page and show it in my url string. Does Tridian use brackets to capture data in a URL or some ...
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Special characters

I'm trying to write special characters in Page Metadata, in title and description. There are String Text in their schema. When I write "&" and I preview de page, this symbol changes and I see "&...
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Facing issues while rendering some special chars | DD4T.Net 1.3 | Tridion 2013Sp1

We are facing issues while rendering special characters on live site after upgrading CMS from 2011 SP1 to 2013 sp1 and DD4T 1.24 to DD4T 1.3. We are getting ã© instead of é on rendered page where as ...
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JSP DCP's being included on page with wrong charset

I'm in the process of moving a portal from Tridion 2013 to SDL Web 8. Everything seems to be working, except for JSP DCP's that are stored on the filesystem - they are put on the page with the wrong ...
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Strange characters shown online for region specific languages post web 8 upgrade

We have number of regional language sites. Post upgrading our sites we are getting an issue with language specific characters, especially the 'č' character. when we preview the page the content looks ...
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Content Delivery DCP DB Decoding Issue

I'm working on a client project & am having some issues pulling DCPs from the broker database. I noticed an error in the deserialization process regarding malformed input (DD4T), but upon ...
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