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UI Extension DevServer returns 404 not found

I am trying to use the development server shipped with UI Exensions react app, when running the server and open https://localhost:3000/ui in the browser I got HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is ...
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Error while using script to unattended install publisher server

I have created publisher installation script using following article I got below error. Interact: Error: Access Management configuration is ...
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Tridion Experience Space Addon Extension. Dropdown in table toolbar

Our Tridion Experience space addon extension has a button (let's say 100% copied from the github samples: 'copySchemaItemIdsToClipboardAction' We need to set 3 buttons there in a group "Setup A, ...
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GUI extensions for Experience Space - Open ContentExplorerPanel

I am trying to open a custom modal pop up from experince space to show list of item (component and pages). I do see list of built-in panel of the Content Explore in the node modules with below list of ...
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GUI extensions for Experience Space - Not working on Local

Trying to Implement Experience GUI extensions for Experience Space using below documentation:
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Tridion Sites 10 - Experience Space extensibility Documentation and Community Updates

Tridion Sites 10 - Experience Space extensibility Documentation and Community Updates Extensibility features allow you all the liberty that you need ,With extensions Experience Space offers you ...
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Sites 10 Experience Space Extension - Example

we have recently installed Sites 10 CME and I am trying to integrate some of the extensions in new UI. Currently i am facing one issue. I need to show context menu tool bar item on component selection ...
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1 answer

Bug in "Publish later" regarding possibility to choose time

There is a bug in the feature to "Publish later" in Tridion Sites. When choosing a future date, it's not possible to choose a time on that day that is previous to the present time. So in ...
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ECL connector(Widen DAM system) on Sites9.6 not working on new UI(Experience space), but working on classic UI

We have upgraded Sites from 9.1 to 9.6 and the Widen ECL add-on is working fine on classic UI. That means we are able to access the folders, images etc. But when we switch to new UI, the parent level ...
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Metadata Design tab in Sites 9.5 and 9.6

In 9.5 and 9.6 it is now possible to use the Metadata Design tab of a page schema, instead of using an embedded metadata schema, for both XS and CME. A nice technical and business-oriented discussion ...
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How to Enable Administration section & Left side menu on New UI 9.6

We are upgrading Tridion from 9.1 to 9.6. We are enabled New UI (Experience Space) for Tridion Sites 9.6. we are unable to see Administration Section and Left side Menu on New UI. Can you please ...
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Tridion New UI - Creating a Component Template

Can someone advise in the new SDL UI experience space, Is it possible to create a Component Template or do you still have to use the old classic UI for that?
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1 answer

SDL 9.5 Experience Space Url to access

What is the url for accessing the Experience Space CM interface ? Is it different than the classic interface?
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