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DXA Model Extension: Is it not Open Source?

Source code of (legacy) SDL Model service is available on GitHub: Since this model service functionality is now provided by the GraphQL Content Service as the ...
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DXA view throwing error "Schema ID must not be null"

I am facing one weird issue where one of DXA view start throwing error after deployment. Once we publish the page and restart the content service, it start working. It seems similar to this issue DXA ...
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Modifying an existing Module : ComponentPresentationDeploy

Online Docs Reference HERE While extending a deployer, here ComponentPresentationDeploy , as seen below, Where are the different functions, classes documented ? protected void ...
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2 answers

Documentation for creating own Data Model

We are making an application which is for 95% within Tridion itself through GUI Extensions. The 5% that are stored external would need to be viewable and editable from within the CME. We were thinking ...
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Deployer extension - loading component presentation

When writing a deployer extension (for the first time!), is it possible to load the file contents of a component presentation? So my instructions contain the following: <Section Type="...
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Tridion 2011 GUI Extensions: What is the proper usage of the pagetype element in the configuration?

One of the requirements for a Tridion GUI Extension which I'm building is that there needs to be a 'configurations' page, where Tridion users can provide certain settings. I am trying to create a ...
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Use of Session in our WCF Service for the model makes the Communicator service hang

We're in the process of building a extension. This extension has a Editor and a Model. In the Model we have a service defined that acts as a Proxy to a external service. Doing all the XML ...