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Object moved to here when using redirect template

We are facing very weird kind of issue, when loading a page which uses redirect page template, when it loads instead of going to target page it is showing Object Moved to here I tried to check on ...
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suddenly start getting error when running dxa 1.5 application from local machine "Invalid v4 service endpoint for content-service"

suddenly i have started getting error when running dxa 1.5 application from local machine "Invalid v4 service endpoint for content-service". there is no change in discovery service url or ...
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how to get a string by using substring? [closed]

my following string <Content xmlns=""> <title>Aftersales Marketing Solutions | kkk markit</title> <metaDescription>Helps manage key ...
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SDL Web 8.5 | Production environment, pages load slow randomly | Need suggestions

We moved our websites to production environment and have been observing random slow response from random pages on all websites. Whenever we test it’s a different page that is slow to respond. It does ...
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Enable remote JMX monitoring for DD4T webapp

With your help I was able to increase the Java Heap Space of our .NET DD4T webapplication (Tridion 2013 SP1). Now we want to monitor it because the Java Heap Space is a black box for us. Now we know ...
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Tridion Configuration Issue (Works locally but not remotely)

We have been having a strange issue with core services. Our application uses Angular as the front end and ASP.NET for back end. The back end api service connects to Tridion using core services. The ...
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Tridion - List of currently logged in users

Is there a way to get the currently logged in users in Tridion? The system is non-SSO. Would an HttpModule be a viable option, or for example looking at IIS information about the Tridion Website? Any ...
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Does Sdl.Web.Delivery work with ASP.NET Core?

I am trying to build a web site on ASP.NET Core (formerly known as MVC 6) on .NET Framework 4.7. This should work according to Microsoft (
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When is JuggerNET bridge initialized?

I have a Tridion 2013SP1 Content Delivery .net web-application. In its global.asax, I am attempting to make a call that requires the JuggerNET bridge to be initialized (e.g. new PageFactoryMeta()). I ...
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Can I deploy into virtual directory?

I have deployed the DXA in IIS. I have a website configured as like this IIS--MyDomain--MySite-1. So, say for eg: is the site developed and deployed by DXA. Now, I have ...
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BinaryVariant Issue when creating Service Reference to SDL Web 8 Content Service

I am using Visual Studio to create a Service Reference to the SDL Web 8 Content Service. This is working quite well. When I load a BinaryVariant using a browser query I see something like this <?...
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DD4T 2.0 XPM Integration

Looking at the classes in the DD4T.Mvc.ViewModels.XPM namespace, I see extensions for many XPM tags to markup regions and fields. I do not see Extensions for: Page Initalization Base JS includes ...
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Using Ajax to submit a form and returning a confirmation page

I am trying to submit a form through an ajax process : @using (Ajax.BeginForm("SendEmail", "Form", new AjaxOptions { UpdateTargetId = "replace", InsertionMode = ...
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Junk Characters displaying on webpage

I am working on Russian and Singapore language sites using Tridion with Dot net code base. There are some junk values displaying for some web pages in Live environment alone. I am unable to see that ...
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JuggerNET in 64bits server

I'm trying to mount a small web application that uses Content Delivery to fetch the content broker and check that the content is correctly published (we merge info of our back office sw with content ...
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Reference Implementation installation. No valid localizations are active for this site

I am trying to install reference implementation on Windows server 2008. after running the powershelll script of web-application i end up with the error 500.19. Then i commented the code between < ...
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HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error

I am installing the reference implementation. after running the web application powershell script i am unable to open the page. the page says HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error. Detailed Error ...
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CPAssembler error: WAIPage object not initialized. Make sure to use the ComponentPresentationAssembler constructor that accepts a WAIPage

I'm getting the following exception when compiling a dynamic component presentation published as an ASCX web control: CPAssembler error: WAIPage object not initialized. Make sure to use the ...
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Power Tool - Internal Server Error issue in Tridion 2013 SP1

There is a Power tool for "ViewLocalizedItems" which is set up in Tridion 2011 Sp1, I am trying to move it to Tridion 2013 Sp1. The power tool is configured and page is coming with the proper text ...
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Pulling Component Information using ComponentPresentationFactory

I'm attempting to write a function in a UserControl to pull data using ComponentPresentationFactory.. Below is my code.. string ret = "RET: -- "; int PublicationID = Convert.ToInt32(...
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Custom Core Service page working locally in Visual Studio but not when deployed in IIS on Tridion Server

I have created a custom web page which uses a component's TcmUri from the query string and provides the functionality to perform some operations on it. This Web Apllication is deployed within the ...
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Intermittent ClassNotFoundException

We are running a .Net website based on SDL Tridion 2011 SP1. We are getting intermittent ClassNotFoundException. Below is the stacktrace from the exception.
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How to setup debugging of content delivery when using .NET

We have component template of type ASCX control which is generating code for creation of News Overview list. The code of this ASCX control will run on Content Delivery Side. But on Content Delivery ...
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Hosting DD4T and traditional ASP.NET SDL Tridion application under one website in IIS

I am trying to configure Website A [ASP.NET MVC3 DD4T Website] and Website B [traditional Tridion ASP.NET 4.0 Content delivery website ] on IIS 7.5 Under IIS is there a way that we can host both ...
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In which global.asax events is the ADF claimstore available

Maybe this is an ASP.NET beginner's question, but I could not find the answer on this site. I could get a ADF Claimstore object working only in the HttpApplication.PreRequestHandlerExecute event. In ...
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ASP.NET Dynamic compilation problem while publishing

We are using tridion 2013 and this is our first implementation using Tridion and ASP.NET. While publishing any page or component the website becomes slow for first request due to ASP.NET dynamic ...
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Tridion VM Multiple Host Headers

I'm following a suggestion from Dominic Cronin on setting up multiple host headers to help demonstrating different users on the same CMS, but I'm stuck at the login pop-up. As an administrator, I ...
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Should I install the Content Delivery web sites and services with Integrated Application pools?

In working through the installation guide for Tridion 2013, I note that whenever the configuration of an application pool is mentioned, configuration instructions are given for both Integrated mode ...
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