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Keyword is an item type in Tridion. Keywords are organised within Categories to create Taxonomies. Keywords are not versioned. When components with keywords are published, the keywords can be queried to retrieve matching components to be served by the web application.

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Retrieve user name who published particular category in deployer

We are developing a deployer extension which will send notification to custom application whenever Page, Component or Category is published with details of item published and user name who published ...
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core service creation of nested keywords

I'm trying to create keyword using core service API through PowerShell. I can do this for keywords at top-level under a category $keyword = [Tridion.ContentManager.CoreService.Client.KeywordData]$...
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Country Dropdown based access in Tridion Content setup

Requirement: In my website, there is a dropdown, which holds country list. By Click any country it will check if the country is authorized (based on some logic) and then will open some content(...
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How to create a List type field in schema using core service?

I want to create a schema with a list field by using core service so I can select the keyword when I create a component. for this I create a "SingleLineTextFieldDefinitionData" type field but I did ...
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Unable to add the keywords on the component in the classify window?

I have keywords in a category when I select the component and click on the classify a classify window open and it showing me a category and keywords but when I select the keyword there is a insert ...
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Error on creating list Field in Schema?

I am trying to create a Schema with a list field for selecting a Keyword from a Category but when I am saving this Schema I am getting following error in the UI, I am using SDL Tridion 2013. Error ...
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Categories and Keywords in sdl tridion

I have components and pages in my publication, but also I want to implement some categories and keywords in publication. Is there any reference on this topic?
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How can we automatically keep the keywords in two categories in sync within the same environment?

We need to have sync between two categories in an environment. There are two categories say cat1 and cat2. when ever we make a change to a keyword in cat1 same change should be reflected in cat2 and ...
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What is maximum number of keyword a category can have in tridion 2013 SP1

What is the maximum number of keyword a category can have in Tridion 2013 SP1. Will it be a problem while loading in Tridion in Dropdown.
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Retrieving Keyword by key and taxonomy using Broker Java API

I would like to retrieve the Keyword description using the Broker API for Java. I know the Taxonomy ID and the the Keyword key value. Which would be the best option to do that? We are using SDL ...
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