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Translation Manager & SDL Language Cloud Integration

I'm working on building some Translation Manager extensions which I plan to release to the community. I had read online, and in the SDL documentation, that we can use the SDL Language Cloud for ...
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Connect Content Manager Server with two translation systems in SDL Web8

As I know, there are three translation systems of SDL - Translation Manager System, SDL Language Cloud and Worldserver. Now, I'd like to connect Content Manager Server with translation system. Can we ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Using Language Cloud human translations with Translation Manager

Language Cloud ( now has both human translation and machine translation options. There is an API for each of these. Can anyone confirm whether we can use the human ...
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New Job using Tridion for an Arabic Market [closed]

I've currently landed a job after graduating with a degree in Arabic & History, however outside of computing being a personal hobby I have 0 experience in the field (though the employer will ...
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How does the CXC Language Cloud BeGlobal API Key work?

I set up SDL Tridion 2013 SP1's Translation Manager with SDL Language Cloud as described in this write-up. How does Translation Manager and the BeGlobal API Key work? I want to see if we could maybe ...
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